Some law enforcement officials think they are more dangerous than Al-Qaeda. We are talking about gangs and gang violence. And those officials are warning it’s not just a problem for people living in the inner city anymore.

That problem has been magnified by the stabbings at Spring High School last week, which Harris County Sheriff's officials say were gang related. Former Houston police officer Mike Knox hopes people start to take notice now.

“One of the myths about gangs is that they are limited to the inner city populated by minority youth,” Knox said.

Knox, who helped found the Westside Gang Unit for HPD says the gangs are expanding to the suburbs.

“The modern gangs are expanding to the suburbs and rural areas. It’s a growing problem,” Knox explained.

As a result, there is more gang violence. But Knox is frustrated because you don't know what is really going on.

“A lot of kids are injured every day from gang violence. Nobody pays attention. It’s not news because it happens so frequently,” Knox told KTRH.

Knox says terrorism gets the headlines, as it should. But he adds you are more likely to get caught up in gang violence than you are to be a victim of terrorism.

“You’re more likely to be a victim of a car accident than terrorist violence. It’s just a matter of semantics,” Knox stated.