For the first time ever in Galveston, effective today, sections of Seawall Boulevard will require that you pay for parking.

“July 27th, the City of Galveston, by direction of the voters of the city, will start charging for parking along the seawall,” Galveston Chief of Police Henry Poretto tells KTRH News.

The parking areas that will require a parking fee will include the north and south sides of Seawall from 6th to 69th Street and 81st to 103rd Streets between 10 am and 6 pm seven days a week.  You can park for free between 69th and 81st.

“It’s $1 an hour or $8 maximum all day, and for our Houston listeners, the best value is for them to buy an annual pass,” say Chief Poretto.

The annual passes are $25 for the entire year, beginning the day you pay. 

You can use a mobile app, the internet or a smart-phone to pay for parking.  The website is, or you can call 1-866-234-7275.  If you use the website you’ll have to set up an account the first time you use it.  When your meter is about to run out you’ll get a text notice on your phone, and if you want to add more time, you can do that without having to return to your car.

Once you get to the website or connect with an automated phone system, “Hit Galveston and hit Seawall.  You can pay with a debit card or a credit card,” Poretto says.  “There is no real cash involved.  It’s real user-friendly.”

If you want to pay when you get to Seawall and find a parking space you will see parking signs with the phone number.

You won’t be issued a parking ticket to display in your windshield.  All passes, onsite or purchased in advance, or based on your license plate number.

Poretto says it has been a long haul to get to this point, but he is pleased with the results and looks forward to realizing the Seawall improvements in the future.