Technology has changed the way we do most everything these days. And there are those who think technology will be able to program our bodies against getting sick and getting old.

Futurists like Ray Kurzweil think treatments like RNA interference and stem cell research will be the keys to doing this. Peter Bishop, a futurist at the University of Houston, says Kurzweil is on to something.

Biology is the next the new technology. We’re in the early days now. Today we consider it pretty crude,” Bishop told KTRH. “If we’re in that phase now and biology continues throughout the next fifty years, many of these breakthroughs today will seem magical.”

While Kurzweil has said we could see this happen over the next seven years Bishop is taking a slightly different approach.

“Barring major disruptions we will have almost magical biological interventions in the next twenty or thirty years,” Bishop said.

That’s a bit longer than what Kurzweil is predicting. So is Kurzweil 'out there?" Bishop doesn't think so.

“He would be a Positive Extrapolist. He’s very optimistic about the benefits of technology in the future,” Bishop stated. “But it’s very hard to put years on these things. Kurzweil likes to be specific and likes to be optimistic and aggressive about the role of technology in society.”

And Bishop himself is a bit more conservative when it comes to those predictions.