A two-year long feud between a Meeker, Oklahoma Pawn broker and the Meeker Police Department has gotten so bad that the cops are being taken to court over the whole thing.

James Goad, who owned a pawn shop in Meeker, Oklahoma, had a sign on his property warning everyone about a speed trap. This led to problems with the cops. He was pulled over on traffic violations, including running a stop sign and speeding. After two years of being hounded by one particular officer, Goad filed suit. KTRH legal analyst Chris Tritico says he can win.

“If the facts bear out as they appear, it is a civil right violation,” Tritico said.

So what can he hope to get?

“He doesn’t have huge damages, but he does have damages. He’ll get a little money in the way of a judgment and hopefully that will be the end of it,” Tritico explained.

And hopefully after that, everyone will start acting like adults again.

“They’re both acting like children in this instance,” Tritico explained. “But Mr. Goad was right to file the suit.”

Tritico says the whole thing is unusual.

“You may have one or two officers that do something like this. But you can’t get to a municipality for the actions of one officer, Tritico stated, adding that being in a small town like Meeker helped Goad.

Meeker is a town of about 1,000 people. Police Chief Sam Byrd told KTRH Goad's sign didn't cause much of an uproar.

“Nobody here cared. He was never asked to remove the sign. He didn’t bother anybody,” Byrd explained.

Except for the cop he had problems with. KTRH reached out to Goad and his lawyer. They would not comment.