Christianity appears to be losing it's grip on England, and the former Archbishop of Canterbury warns the Church is just a “generation away from extinction” in Britain, and that clergy there are gripped by a “feeling of defeat.”

“That has something to do with the timidity of Christians to stand up for themselves, as well as secular forces,” says Dr. Bill Donohue at the Catholic League.

Christianity still boasts 2.2 billion believers worldwide, but the numbers have steadily declined in England.

“The reason it has lost some of it's momentum in England is because the gospel, the truth of Christianity has been watered down,” says Bryan Fischer with the American Family Association.  “Its like a fine wine that's been diluted with tap water, and that's not appealing to anybody.”

Then there's President Obama who this weekend said he doesn't consider himself ideological.  Donohue wholeheartedly disagrees.

“For President Obama to say he's not ideological is like saying the Pope isn't Catholic,” he says.  “I would say he's the most ideological president we've ever seen.”

Fischer agrees, and points to Obama's efforts to “level the playing field.”

“He doesn't mean by equality of opportunity, he means equality of outcome,” says Fischer.  “The only way that can happen is through the use of coercive power of the state, so the reality is he's the most profoundly ideological president we've ever had.”

And its those secular believes the Church must contend with in order to survive.