The 2014 hurricane season may be off to a slow start but Galveston County Judge Mark Henry says that's a good reason to be cautious.

“The predictors have all predicted a slower than normal season which makes us very nervous. It makes people rest a little easier and pay less attention, which is exactly what we don’t want people to do. We learn things from every event and we certainly learned a lot about how not to evacuate during (hurricane) Rita. One of the things we need to pass on to the citizens is that if we order an evacuation, we need you to go when we order it.”

Houston has been caught off-guard a number of times with Hurricane Alicia being a prime example by striking the Gulf Coast back in 1983.

Even tropical storms can be just as damaging if not enough preparedness is in order. Tropical Storm Allison struck Houston in 2001 and caused as much damage by way of flooding as many lesser hurricanes. Even with the advanced technology at the disposal of forecasters, sometimes a storm like Allison can take even the best meteorologists by surprise.

And there have been near misses like Hurricane Katrina that that ultimately landed in Louisiana (by way of Florida) in 2005 and is now regarded as the costliest storm on record.

So for now, we have clear skies and the occasional thunder-storm to worry about. But it’s never too early to prepare.