Closing arguments are scheduled Wednesday in the trial over new abortion rules in Texas.  Opponents argue forcing clinics to meet the same standards as ambulatory surgery centers will reduce women's health care because more clinics will close.

Emily Horne at Texas Right to Life says tell that to the woman who died in Kermit Gosnell's Philadelphia clinic.

“Potentially they couldn't accommodate and emergency situation whenever it came up, and a woman was delayed in getting to the emergency room,” Horne tells KTRH News.

If the law takes effect September 1, El Paso women could face a 550-mile trip to the nearest abortion provider.  However, state attorneys argue there's a nearby clinic in New Mexico they could use.

While this is the same judge who ruled the law unconstitutional last year, Horne is optimistic the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will again uphold the law.

“Its very possible we could have another reversal in the Fifth Circuit should he rule against us this time,” she says.  “Obviously this is all speculation, but that's how it has gone before.”