If you are going to be on the road for the July 4th holiday, you might notice less people sharing the road with you.

There will be 2.9 million Texans on the road just a bit less than there were last year. Sarah Schimmer of AAA Texas says there’s a good reason why.

“Last year the holiday fell on a Wednesday, so people had an extra day to travel. This year it’s back to a five day period,” Schimmer told KTRH.

Gas Prices Cheaper

If you are driving, you'll find gas is cheaper in Houston and across Texas. The average in Houston this morning is $3.28 a gallon. Gregg Laskoski of Gas Buddy told KTRH why Texas is doing better than other states right now.

“In Texas we are seeing good numbers as far as available supply and production,” Laskoski explained.

Laskoski also has a way for you to get the most out of every gallon you put into your tank.

“Make sure the tire pressure is up to the level recommended by the manufacturer,” Laskoski said.

Montgomery County Issues Burn Ban

Montgomery County Judge Alan Sadler has issued a burn ban and fireworks restriction because of the dry weather we've had here this year. There is no such ban in Fort Bend or Harris counties, but Fort Bend County Fire Marshall Mark Flathouse told KTRH he has concerns over dry weather.

“The recent dry spells and possibility of winds allows for the possibility of fireworks to ignite fires,” Flathouse said.

So what can you do to make sure you are safe if you light your own fireworks instead of going to a fireworks show?

“Keep your yards watered.” Laurie Christensen of the Harris County Fire Marshall’s office told KTRH. “You don’t want to go out into an open field to light the fireworks.”

Montgomery County has dealt with over three dozen wildfires in the last few days.