The federal government is suing a business in Wisconsin for firing a group of Hispanic and Asian employees over their inability to speak English at work.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says the English requirement by Wisconsin Plastics counts as discrimination. 

However, Irene Garcia, an Hispanic liaison to Judicial Watch, says this is just the latest in a slew of attempts by the government to go after private business"

“When the power and the wrath of the federal government falls upon you, you tend to be intimidated and it causes problems for businesses, and that's what is happening here,” Garcia tells KTRH News.


The EEOC argues English only rules are meant to make discrimination appear acceptable.  Garcia calls the case “ludicrous,” by an overreaching government.


“We are in the United States, you're a private American company operating in the United States, and to require employees to speak English is really not wrong or outrageous in anyway, yet here we have the government spending taxpayer dollars to go after businesses that do this,” she says.


“My parents came to this country from Cuba legally many, many years ago, and they were professionals and lost everything, and had to learn enough English to get blue-collar jobs here,” Garcia says.  “So, I more than anyone understand the importance of learning the language of the country you live in.”