New abortion rules in Texas are under attack again, this time in a federal courtroom where abortion activists are trying to block parts of the law as unconstitutional.

Testimony began Monday and is expected to run through Tuesday.

Specifically, pro-abortion advocates are challenging rules dealing with the morning after pill and requiring clinics to be affiliated with hospital emergency rooms.

“Women and men in rural areas generally have to plan ahead and travel for any major surgical undertaking,” says Elizabeth Graham with Texas Right to Life.  “And abortion is certainly a major, life changing surgical undertaking.”

Graham says the judge has several options in a case which also may impact the race for Texas governor between state Senator Wendy Davis and state Attorney General Greg Abbott.

“Wendy Davis is trying to move away from her abortion views and for her being thrust into the spotlight as being an abortion champion, but that's how she was thrust on the national scene,” Graham tells KTRH News.

Graham is confident the judge will keep the law in place.

“On the Texas Women's Health Program, he gave us a favorable ruling,” she says.  “So this judge's reputation is to be thoughtful and balanced, and we're hoping he does not cater to political pressure by abortion advocates.”