The more sleep deprived a man is, the more he apparently thinks the woman next to him wants to have sex.  Tired or not, women don’t have the same problem.

Researchers at Hendrix University in Arkansas studied 60 students. “We asked them to judge those situations,” explains Dr. Jennifer Peszka, an associate professor of psychology at the Conway school, “and then tell us how likely they thought it was that someone in that situation had the intent to have sex, or was interested in having sex.”

Dr. Peszka and Dr. Jennifer Penner were co-authors of the study which revealed some parallels between sleep deprivation and intoxication.

“We think they’re similar,” Peszka says, “because both alcohol and sleep deprivation impair the frontal lobe, and the frontal lobe is important for inhibiting your behavior and helping you make good decisions.”

Neither beer nor alcohol have an impact on women’s perception of the desire on behalf of the other person to have sex.