Drinking while pregnant has long been the first peice of advice for expecting mothers.  But, now researchers think drinking may not be so bad.

A new study done by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) suggests that moderate drinking while pregnant poses fewer risks than once thought.  The study was conducted by studying 10-year-old kids from mothers who drank moderately while pregnant, drank heavily while pregnant, and did not drink at all while pregnant.

The researchers studied the balance of the kids and found that there was no noticable difference between those kids from mothers who drank heavily or moderately, to those whose mothers didn't drink at all while pregnant.

Dr. Jagjit Khairah with Kelsey-Seybold says the study was kind of narrow, "...they only looked at balance.  They didn't look at neurological factors like IQ, they didn't look at weight...."  

The bold claim by the study doesn't seem to be changing the advice given to mothers.  Dr. Khairah says he will still recommend abstaining from drinking while pregnant, "At the end of the day I think any drinking in pregnancy should not be condoned and our patients should be counseled against it."