Consuming too much sugar can make you very sick.  Some doctors are now saying excessive consumption can give you cancer. 

Regular exercise can help you avoid that.  Dr. Amitava Dasgupta is a toxicologist at UT Health Medical Center.  He says we're too sedentary now.

“A hundred years ago I'll walk to my friend's house,” the doctor says.  “Now, I send an e-mail or call.  So, the sedentary life style is not what nature wants us to follow.”

A group of liberal medical experts say sugar is a toxin in the body.  And, it's added to the food we eat today -- liberally.  Parents often start their children eating sugary foods early in life. 

“The availability of it in the market plays a big role in how sugar becomes really important,” says Dr. Deepa Vasudevan at UT Health, “right from infancy.”