The U.S. In 2013 experienced it's biggest one-year surge of oil production, but imagine what the Keystone XL Pipeline could do.

Keep imagining.  That's the attitude coming from President Barack Obama who can serve out the rest of his term without having to make a decision on the project.

“He does not want to make a final decision, but he winks and nods at his environmental extremists by delay, delay, delay, a slow walking death of this very important project,” says Tom Pyle at the Institute for Energy Research.

Pyle says expect another three years of what could have been.

“What you're looking at is hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil a day coming down, being processed in our refineries, all of the jobs for the creation of the pipeline to begin with, followed by all of that revenue,” he tells KTRH News.

“We're approaching two thousand days since the president was able to make a decision,” says Pyle.  “It took less time to conceive, engineer, design and build the Trans-Alaska Pipeline from the northern slope of Alaska, and get that oil to market here in the lower 48.”