It was one year ago today that a filibuster over Texas’ new abortion law that wound up passing anyway made State Senator Wendy Davis a household name.


Even though that moment catapulted her into the Governor’s race against Attorney General Greg Abbott, Democrats and Republicans agree she has struggles to keep that momentum going.


She went from being unknown to the Democratic nominee for Governor. But Bryan Preston of The Grid says she hasn't done much since.


“She’s not showing any strength in the polls. She’s had to shake up her campaign several times,” Preston told KTRH News. “It’s been a rocky year for her. She thought she’d be riding a crest into the Governor’s office, but the fact is she’s had to raise most of her money outside of Texas.”


Harvey Kronberg at the Quorum Report agrees, but says the Texas Democratic convention in Dallas this week gives her another chance at it.


“It really is her kickoff point. She’ll be back in the national media spotlight again,” Kronberg said. “She’ll restore her narrative and make her case once again to the people of Texas.”


However, Davis is down by 12 points in the latest polls. Preston says it's because many of you don’t quite trust her yet.


“She needs to build her credibility in the state of Texas. She hasn’t done that yet,” Preston explained.


KTRH wanted to talk to Davis for this story, but her campaign declined our interview request.