While the crisis at the Texas-Mexico border continues, one Texas lawmaker is trying to do something about it. And he says his proposal is the most practical one out there.

Senator Ted Cruz, appearing on FOX News Sunday says his proposed border bill would stop the flow of illegal immigrants into Texas.

“It’s a very simple bill. It says the President cannot grant amnesty going forward,” Cruz told FOX’s Chris Wallace. “What I want to do is solve the crisis.”

Cruz says his bill would also stop the President from expanding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It's a bill that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has attacked.

“Had we done comprehensive immigration reform we would not be having this issue. The border is secure,” Reid stated.

And Cruz responded with a shot at Reid.

“Harry Reid lives in the Ritz-Carlton in Washington. I’m sure from his perspective the border seems secure. I would invite him to come with me to Texas and see the border,” Cruz said.

Other critics say all Cruz is doing is blocking a solution to the problem at the border, but he disagrees.

“I don’t want to block action. What I want is to have action that fixes the problem. President Obama’s proposal does nothing to solve the problem,” Cruz explained.

While the battle of words in Washington continues, Texas Governor Rick Perry is expected to activate up to a thousand Texas National Guard troops to the Rio Grande Valley today.

Officials say number of child detainees trending down

While the Governor is taking action on his own and politicians are arguing about the border crisis in Washington, some on the front lines think border activity might be slowing down.

Officials in the Rio Grande Valley say fewer kids are being detained. Places that hold as many as 1,200 kids now have less than 200. Arrest rates once at around 300 a day are now down to under a hundred on some days. Mark Krikorian at the Center for Immigration Studies says this sounds good, but it's hard to read anything into it.

“These kinds of flows come and go,” Krikorian told KTRH News.

Krikorian says weather could be playing a factor.

“It would make sense that activity would slow down during the summer because of the heat,” Krikorian stated.

So he says you shouldn't think that we are seeing a slowdown in the amount of kids crossing illegally.

“You can’t predict this in any specificity. But we could and did predict that things would get bad,” Krikorian explained. “If the administration had been consistent in a pro-enforcement message we never would have been in this situation to begin with.”

In another development a Brazoria County Youth home that closed due to lack of funds has apparently now been turned into a facility to house illegal immigrant children. Residents there say they are angry that tax money is not being used to help local kids.