The National Association of Attorneys General is meeting this week and Google is a hot topic. At issue is the ease with which one can search for illegal drugs -- prescription and otherwise -- using Google's search engine.

KTRH was able to search for "buy pot online"; "buy meth online" and even "buy cocaine online" and Google returned web pages that promised to sell the drugs.

Carmen Balber is executive director of She says Google was fined a half billion dollars for this sort of thing in 2011.                  

"So Google knows very well it has an obligation to prevent illegal and deceptive ads."

Balber says Google needs to filter the results or block searches for certain words. But Rice's Dr. Nathan Jones isn't sure.

"This is a classic example of where technology is outpacing law enforcement's ability to adjust."

Dr. Jones says there's a free speech issue here and he'd hate to have Google ban words he uses in papers he publishes online.