The latest "Craigslist killer" claims her murder spree of 22 included victims here in Texas, but so far no law enforcement official in the Lone Star State is talking.

Texas DPS says it is "not part of the investigation" and the F-B-I here in Houston won't comment on the claims made by 19-year-old Miranda Barbour. 

A local expert on serial killers says he may know why.

"My first thought is she's after publicity and she's not a killer at all," says Dr. Steven Egger at the University of Houston Clear Lake.

Egger says it’s hard for him to believe a girl so young can be responsible for so many murders.

"She may have actually killed two or three people, I don't know," he says.  "That sounds ludicrous to say two or three, but it’s certainly less than the number she's claiming."

Either way, Egger says at some point Texas officials may be forced to match unsolved murders with the time Barbour claims to have been here, and that could turn into a very lengthy process.

"Most serial killers are killing strangers, and most homicides are committed by people who know one another, so where do you start?" he asks.

"In other words, what's the number of suspects you look at?  It becomes a very difficult kind of investigation," says Egger.