Texas Senator JohnCornynis calling out Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) as time is running short for Congress to pass a bill to fix the crisis at the southern border.  At a Tuesday news conference on Capitol Hill, Cornyn said there is bipartisan support in both the House and Senate for the bill he co-sponsored with Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar Among other things, the bill would fix a 2008 human trafficking law that is preventing deportation proceedings for many of the unaccompanied illegal alien children crossing the border.  "It would treat all children who come to the United States unaccompanied exactly the same," said Cornyn.  "The same way we currently treat children from Mexico."

President Obama has requested a $3.7 billion emergency supplemental funding bill to address the border issue, but Republicans and even some Democrats have balked at that price tag.  House leaders have proposed a much smaller bill, around $1 billion, that includes the provisions of the HUMANE Act.  But Sen. Reid has so far indicated he will not bring it up for a vote in the Senate.  "He says he doesn't like the proposal that Congressman Cuellar and I have proposed....but if he doesn't like that, I ask where his solution is," said Cornyn.

Congress only has until the end of this week to reach an agreement and pass a bill before departing for the August recess.  Cornyn says a solution is within sight.  "We actually know on a bipartisan basis what we need to do to solve the problem, and give the Department of Homeland Security the additional resources they need," he told the news conference.  "The decision is entirely up to Majority Leader Reid, whether he will allow a vote on the House proposal, or whether he will guarantee failure and that the problem will just continue to get worse."