The latest computer development is a tiny chip which IBM says will function like a human brain.  It can figure things out on its own -- learn, essentially. 

Tech expert Peter Shankman says the next big step will be a computer which can recognize inflection in human speech.

”You know, when I say something like you know, it doesn't mean that you actually know, it's more like a question,” Shankman explains.  “So, those little inferences that we're gifted with as human beings hasn't really translated to a computer brain.”

He agrees that huge leaps like this could mean robots will be taking more jobs from human beings eventually.  He says that thing really started a century ago.

“Well, this started with the assembly line,” he says.  “And, it's sort of moving forward from there, which is yet another reason why more and more funding needs to go toward public schools to allow teachers to teach technology and electronic engineering and things of that nature.”