You might be one of the many that complains about not being able to leave work at the office. Maybe your wife is complaining that you deal with work when you should be taking care of things at home. As it turns out there are some companies trying to help you deal with it.

Volkswagen turns off some employee email 30 minutes after they leave work to allow them to 'escape.' Goldman Sachs urges some employees to take weekends off. BMW says it's planning to restrict getting in touch with workers after hours. But Gerry Burns at Manpower isn't sure it'll get the job done.

“I don’t think it will add that much to it. There are many other factors that play into why people obsess,” Burns said.

But he says it’s better than nothing.

“It certainly won’t hurt to make sure they have breaks, but those aren’t enough to totally take away from the stress of work,” Burns explained.

So, are more companies in Houston thinking about doing the same thing to help their employees get away from the job when they aren't in the office?

“I know a lot of companies are toying with it. In reality a lot of companies avoid it because it’s just a break in production,” Burns told KTRH.

What should you do then to make sure you don’t have these problems?

“You just have to mentally force yourself to let it go. Nothing is going to be perfect. There are going to be challenges,” Burns stated.

So, his advice is to exercise more and get enough sleep, even if you need to take sleep aids like melatonin.