Houston Mayor Anise Parker is one of the highest paid mayors in the country while H-F-D services suffer.  In an independent study done by our t-v partner Local 2 it was discovered that Mayor Parker makes more than the mayors of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles at $234,965 annually.  The report also found out that city attorney Dave Feldman is the highest paid person in the united State with his same job title at $350,000 annually.  Feldman also received a %43.3 raise in January, which according to city controller Ronald Green, is above the pay grade maximum.

Meanwhile the Houston Fire Department has had to implement was being called “brown outs” or leaving ambulances and fire trucks unstaffed to make up for a budget shortfall.  Fire officials have called this potentially dangerous for not only the public in need of services, but also for the fire fighters who may not have enough manpower.  These overtime cuts could go until the end of the fiscal year or June. 

When asked about the high pay rates of her and her staff, Mayor Parker responded “What I decide to pay my staff has nothing to do with whether or not we have ambulances on the street”.   She also said that the management at H-F-D asked for a certain amount of money and that they should have to work within that amount and not take from other departments or programs.   The Houston Fire department is trying to make up an $8.5 million budget shortfall.