If you and your family require the unlimited texting plans you may want to start cutting back.

New research from Washington Lee University says all that texting is having a bad effect on your sleep.  Researchers studied incoming freshmen and found that students who had high numbers of texts per day had more sleep problems.

Sleep Specialist Dr. Puneet Patni with Kelsey-Seybold says the type of communication people use while texting could be the problem, "Some people argue that well it's the abbreviated form of communication, it's the waiting, trying to respond as instantly as the phone goes off again that creates some kind of hyper-alertness."

Dr. Patni says he knows that activities you do right before you go to sleep can affect your sleep, like texting while in bed or sleeping with the phone right next to you so you wake up whenever you get a message.

The study also found that students who were chronic texters had higher stress levels.  Presumably because texting, "doesn't convey the nuances important in discussing sensitive issues."

This means it could be a case of lost in translation when people try to communicate only with texts.  Since you can't read voice inflextion, body language, or facial expressions that are key to human communication.