A new report from the Department of Health and Human Service's Inspector General finds trouble in the child care industry.

The report found that 21 states did not require background checks for people who work at child care facilities.  Here in Texas, child care workers are required to be listed with the state'd department of Child Care Licensing, "In the state of Texas if you care for any child on a regular basis and are receiving payment the law requires that you be at least listed." says Gwen Carter with Child Care Licensing.

The report found that some states don't even do unannounced inspections.  Carter says any facility that provides care for more than three children has to pass state inspections, "Inspections are unannounced and in child care centers they are done once a year unless there is a concern."

Carter says parents need to do their homework when trying to choose a daycare for their kids.  To find a state licensed care facility near you click here.