Houston's police chief is defending his department amid allegations possible criminal activity by officers.

Officer Jasmine Bonner is the latest black eye for HPD, charged with cocaine possession in Montgomery County.  This follows allegations that four other Houston officers -- including one who took his own life -- were involved in a ticket writing scam and relieved of duty earlier this week.

“We certainly had enough information and evidence that we believe warrants an investigation,” Chief Charles McClelland said Thursday referring to the ticket-rigging scandal in which the officers allegedly cashed in on overtime for court appearances.

McClelland insists all the accused officers are innocent until proven otherwise.

“Officer (Rudolph) Farias, although he is deceased, we have no evidence at this time that he's committed any violation of policy or the law,” the chief said.  “We don't rush to judgment, and however long it takes to get to the truth is going to get to the truth.”

The chief says the allegations should not tarnish the hard work of Houston's 5,300 other officers.

“There's only a small number of HPD employees, police officers and classified, that ever get investigated for policy, procedure or criminal allegations,” said McClelland.