Lone Star College Cy-Fair campus stabbing suspect Dylan Quick has been charged with at least three counts of aggravated assault after he allegedly stabbed 14 people in and around the school's Health Science Center yesterday.

Quick apparently missed a scheduled court appearance earlier this morning for an unspecified reason.

“At first I thought he was poking me. Then I felt this sharp pain and realized that he was stabbing me with something,” said one of the victims of yesterday’s attack talking to our television partner Local 2.

Another victim, Michelle Alvarez, said, “I didn’t feel the cut. I ran. I had to go and get safety.”

Mug shot of Dylan Quick, above. Photo by Harris County Sheriff's Office.

The latest information that we have on the victims this morning is that five of them are at Memorial Herman. Two are in critical condition and three have been upgraded to good. All of the victims are expected to recover.

Fellow student Steven Maida is being credited as a hero for helping to take Quick down.

“As soon as he knew he was caught he said, ‘I give up.’ I just sat on top of him and asked him what made him want to stab these people in the face,” Maida told Local 2.

There is reportedly a taped confession in the case. Quick has apparently told investigators that he had fantasies of stabbing people since he was a young child.

Quick No Stranger To School

Quick’s fellow students never saw this attack coming. One of them, ‘John,’ told Matt Patrick on KPRC 950 that he was stunned.

“I wouldn’t have expected him to do something like this. He seemed a little off whenever I was around him. But I would not have expected him to have the capacity to do something like this,” ‘John’ said.

‘John’ also told Patrick that Quick was a quiet sort of student.

“He seemed very calm and quiet. If you had told me he would do this, I would not have believed you,” ‘John’ explained.

Another student told Local 2 that Quick had his quirks. 

“He would carry a stuffed doll around. It was kind of like a monkey. He would talk to it,” said ‘Michael.’

Quick’s neighbors were also surprised that he would do something like this.

Michael London told Local 2 that, “He was a real quiet kid. He doesn’t have any friends. I have never seen any girls with him. He just goes to school and comes home. He doesn’t go outside. He keeps to himself.”

Quick was born deaf, had a cochlear implant when he was 7 years old, and was recently profiled on the school's web site for his participation as a teenager in the school’s library program.