As your kids head back to school today, there are going to be some differences between this year and last year.

One of those changes is in the STAAR testing program that had many upset a year ago. Bill Hammond of the Texas Association of Business says standardized testing will not be as important as it used to be.

“There will be less emphasis on testing. We maintain the level of testing in the early years, which is so important,” Hammond said.

Hammond is hoping the new standards have a positive impact.

We want to see the students meet the new standards. Our goal in all of this is to see that more children graduate from high school on time,” Hammond told KTRH.

High School Freshman Mindset

The Freshman Mindset LIST!

The other big change is in safety. Judy Rimato of Klein ISD told KTRH new methods are being taught to teachers after the Sandy Hook tragedy last year.

“The new mantra is ‘Run, Hide and Fight.’  If there’s an intruder and you can safely get out then get out. If not, try to hide. If the intruder does get in, you are taught to fight now not just hide,” Rimato explained.

Don't Fret An Empty Nest

Cy Fair ISD has hired more police officers for this school year as well. KTRH did reach out to Katy, Fort Bend and Clear Creek ISD but they did not comment for this story.