A viral video is prompting protests at a Houston high school.   Three HISD police officers were seen detaining sophomore Ixel Perez, who had been kicked out of class at Sam Houston High for using her cell phone.  The problem started when she refused to surrender the phone to school administrators:

"Yea, it was way too much, everybody knows that.  I mean I'm only 4'10" and it took three cops to take me over a phone, just because I didn't want to give up my phone."

Perez admits she broke school rules, adding she was checking on her mother who has a medical condition. 

Ixel's mother tells our TV partner Local-2 she hopes to put her daughter in another school when her suspension ends Friday.

"She was worried about me and she wouldn't let her phone go.  Because she was scared."

The district's only comment was to say that student safety will always be the "absolute top priority."

We posted the video on Matt Patrick's blog.