Taking a flight can be stressful enough. You’ve got delays. You’ve got unruly passengers. In other words, there are a lot of things that you aren’t in control of. And, if a long time ban is lifted, it might become even more stressful.


That's because the FCC is thinking about lifting their ban on making cell phone calls during your plane ride. Cathi Banks of Legacy Travel told KTRH she’s not in favor of this.


“It’s not going to be very popular. Some people will take advantage of it. Others will be annoyed by the people that take advantage of it,” Banks explained.


Captain Patrick Smith of Askthepilot.com tells KTRH it might be more convenient for you, but there is a downside.

“How do passengers feel about being confined in a cabin with dozens or even hundreds of people chatting away on their phones at the same time,” Smith asked

In other words it could get really noisy. Banks says the airlines will adjust.

“They’ll come up with quiet rows like you see on trains,” Banks stated.

And Smith says in the end, you'll wind up paying for it.

“Getting this to work will require some technological investment on the part of the airlines. The next part of that conversation is how that cost is passed on to the passengers,” Smith explained. “Are carriers going to charge for quiet zones?”

So what will wind up happening? Banks says she sees the ban on phones being lifted.

“I suspect at first people will talk on their phones. But I don’t think it will become the social norm going forward,” Banks said.

But it will be another excuse for airlines to charge you an additional fee.