It's been 50 years since the surgeon general's warning about smoking and a new study says we haven't done enough to stop it.

Dr. Grant Fowler is vice chairman of family and community medicine at Houston's UT Health Science Center.   

"Smoking is a really bad addiction; it's probably a worse addiction than some of the narcotics and other drugs."

But Dr. Fowler says the warning on packs of smokes has been effective.

"They estimate there's been about eight or nine million lives were saved based on that report 50 years ago."

Dr. Fowler says the biggest threat is kids starting to smoke. He says parents can set an example by not smoking themselves.

"Tobacco is a drug that's more readily available than most; just be available for the children to talk about it and be a good example for them."

50 years ago 40% of American adults smoked. Now it's 18%. But the Centers for Disease Control says that's still way too many.