There's a new buzzword in broadcast television: eventize!

DVR, on-demand and online television is killing traditional ratings, which brings in the advertising bucks.

Media critic Jeff McCall of DePauw University says networks are having to come up with big events to draw in live viewers.

“People, when they DVR things or they do delayed viewing, those program views don't always show up in the Nielsen ratings, and it makes it hard to justify the numbers for advertisers,” he tells KTRH News.

“There is some cultural capital for viewers to know the winner of Dancing with the Stars in real time, so that they can tweet about it or talk with their friends about it, but for most people its just not that important,” says McCall.

That's why sporting events have become the new bread and butter for networks.

“Sports programs are harder to DVR because folks want to watch them right then and find if their team won or lost,” says McCall.

So, expect dramas and sitcoms to take a backseat to live sporting events in the months and years ahead.

Even if you could count the number of programs viewers DVR, McCall says many of us forget about it in a day or two and never watch it anyway.