If you asked 10 people on the street, which meal of the day is the most important, they would all say breakfast.  But, they would all be wrong according to new research out of Alabama and the U.K.

Two new studies have been published that both looked at the direct link between eating breakfast and various health issues.  What they found may shock you, breakfast is only as important as all the other meals.

One study out of the University of Alabama found that eating breakfast or not, made no difference in overall weight loss in their controlled randomized study.

Registered dietician Ronda Elsenbrook with Kelsey-Seybold says eating breakfast still has great merit, "For most people if they don't eat something in the morning, whether they call it breakfast or a mid-morning snack, tend to over-eat later in the day."

The second study comes out of the University of Bath in the United Kingdom.  They found that eating breakfast had no quantifiable effect on resting metabolism.  One widely-held belief is that eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism for the day.

Elsenbrook says one good thing about eating breakfast is that it sets a goo trend, "You want to be spreading out your calories throughout the day, whether you eat three meals or you eat two meals and two snacks, it's pretty much up to you."