Boxing promoters upset some with their decision to use The Alamo as a prop.

The promoters of the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez held their event at Alamo Plaza, something that didn't sit well with Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson.

“I wouldn’t think we should have a beauty contest there or even a barbecue cook-off,” Patterson told KTRH. “We’re trying to expand the footprint of The Alamo back to what it was in 1836. We need to start looking at every event that occurs at that perimeter with a different view.”

Patterson told KTRH that Alamo Plaza is San Antonio city property, so even though the General Land Office runs The Alamo, his office couldn't do anything about the event.

Ellen Mcaffrey, President-General of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, also told KTRH this was a bad idea.

“They could have picked a more appropriate location for this. It was not the kind of event we feel was appropriate for Alamo Plaza or anywhere else in that area. San Antonio has some lovely parks that would have been equally accessible. They could have picked a better place,” she explained.

Promoters held a similar news conference to promote the fight at Union Station here in Houston.

This was not the first time promoters held a press conference for a fight involving Alvarez at Alamo Plaza. They also were there to promote his fight against Austin Trout in April.