We’ve been telling you that doctors were concerned about the diseases coming into the country with illegal immigrant children. Some of those fears seem to be coming true.

According to a report from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General, cases of chicken pox are being reported. The swine flu has been detected at a Texas facility. Some detention centers were placed on quarantine. Shawn Moran at the National Border Patrol Council says agents are getting sick, and taking the illnesses home.

“Their families have had to be treated to prevent any spread of infestation or infection,” Moran said.

Bill Holston of the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas some protocols are not being followed at detention centers, allowing this to happen.

“Because of the sheer volume, some of the normal precautions have broken down. That needs to be revisited,” Holston said.

It’s an assessment that Moran agrees with.

“They are not getting adequate health care and screening prior to being sent on to their final destination for processing,” Moran stated.

The next questions are logical. Are there people that are sick out in your neighborhood after contact with illegal immigrant children? Are doctors here in Houston seeing things they wouldn't normally see? Jeff Kalina at Houston Methodist says not yet, but that could change.

“If we start to see a spike in infectious diseases like tuberculosis it might be easier to point the finger at these situations as the possible cause,” Kalina said.

“We’re in the summer time when kids are not in school. We would not expect a spike right now.”