Most of the blue laws in the state of Texas were repealed in 1985. But not all of them.

The only ones still on the books are the ones about alcohol and car sales on weekends. Some lawmakers tried to change that during the last legislative session, but Representative Steve Toth told KTRH there wasn't a lot of support for it.

“There is no desire to change the Texas blue laws, just none,” Toth stated.

Toth filed a bill that would have allowed car dealers stay open on both Saturdays and Sundays. But Danny Langfield of the Texas Independent Auto Dealers Association told KTRH dealers were against that idea.

“It’s not additional business. It’s business conducted on a different day,” Langfield said. “They don’t feel like potential for additional business matches up to the difficulties that present themselves from a seven day work week.”

But wouldn’t dealers make more money if they were open for seven days as opposed to six?

“Cost of your business being open an additional day has other costs associated with it,” Langfield said.

And that cost, as Toth found out when he proposed his bill, would be passed on to you.

“The dealers told me it would cost them more to sell a car, which would make the car more expensive to the customer,” Toth explained.