The man who says he killed Big Foot bring the evidence to Houston today.

Rick Dyer says he shot the eight-foot "manster" near San Antonio in September 2012.  The carcass goes on display today and tomorrow at Alamo Drafthouse locations in Katy and Houston. 


How did Dyer nail the big fellow?  Apparently, he likes bacon.


"I hung a piece of pork rib up in a tree and I waited for the Big Foot," Dyer explains.  "The Big Foot came.  I shot and killed it."


Dyer says, if you don't believe big foot is real, that's okay, but don't call this a scam.


"If you're going to call it something, and you don't believe," he asks, "call it a road show.  I'm not forcing anybody to believe and I'll let people make their own minds up."