It looks like our kids can teach us something about just saying no to drugs. While they are saying no, Baby Boomers are saying yes.

While illegal drug use was basically flat for people aged 12 and older the National Survey on Drug Use and Health said that use among adults between 50 and 64 was up substantially. Jane Barnes of the Prevention and Recovery Center at Memorial Hermann told KTRH it goes with what she is seeing every day.

“We are seeing more heroin use with adults and we are also seeing a huge increase with prescription medication,” Barnes said.

Barnes thinks a reason we are seeing this is the rough economy, which is still not all the way back from the 2008 recession, even though Houston has fared better than most cities.

“Adults who are losing their jobs or who are under a lot of financial stress need something to deal with that stress. And with the drugs available and inexpensive it’s easy to start with just a little and end up getting addicted,” Barnes explained.

The survey said that marijuana was the most commonly used illegal drug. Mason Tvert of the marijuana Policy Project told KTRH this makes sense to him.

“As marijuana is becoming more publicly acceptable it makes more sense that people are making the choice to use marijuana as opposed to alcohol on occasion,” Tvert said.

Tvert thinks it's part of a trend we are seeing across the country.

“As they get older they find they enjoy it for the same reason some use alcohol. To relax, to socialize and so on.”