The 2014 High School football season is underway (with Manvel beating Westfield last night 35-10). While kids are excited and coaches are happy to kick the season off, parents are apprehensive.

A new survey says 44% of parents are not comfortable with letting their kids play because of the possibility of a head injury. Gary Koch, the Head Coach at Memorial High School told KTRH coaches are teaching your kids differently these days.

“All the coaches here are part of the Heads Up Football program. We’ve taken the course and we are safety monitors for it,” Koch said.

Katy High School football coach Gary Joseph told KTRH he does whatever he can to put parents at ease.

“Coaches are here for kids. We’re not going to put kids in a situation where we are going to get them hurt,” Joseph stated,

That's not enough for some people, who'd like to see extra protective equipment added for protection. But Joseph isn't sure that will ever happen.

“They are developing bigger and better things every day. The helmet of today is better than the helmet of five years ago. And it’s superior to the helmet we had 20 years ago.

Joseph the helmet technology is only going to continue to get better, as will teaching techniques.

There is a feeling by many in the High School football world that the media is driving some of the concerns that parents have. Dave Smith coaches at Klein Oak and says people tend to believe what they see, read and hear.

“It’s made much bigger than what it is. Yes, it can be dangerous, but football has been that way forever,” Smith stated.

One more note from the poll. Only 5% of you say you’ve actually discouraged your kid from playing football.