Washington continues to worry about the next possible attack on our homeland. And they think it will look very different than the 9/11 attacks did.

Army General Keith Alexander told Congress any possible attack would be cyber warfare, and that we're just not ready for it.

“We will see more nation states using that if diplomacy fails. We’ve got to be prepared for that as a nation. We should protect networks better than they are protected today,” Alexander said.

The main suspects in such an attack would be China, Iran or even Russia, and that it would hit power grids and the stock market. Cyber security expert Keith Squires tells KTRH the concerns aren't just hype.

“We do work with utility companies. Those groups are not as prepared as they should be,” Squires told KTRH.

And because of that, Squires says someone could try to launch a cyber attack on us.

“You could envision Iran or Syria wanting to cripple us. The power grid and financial networks would be a prime target,” Squires stated.

And Squires admits the bad guys may be a step ahead of the good guys in these war games.

“It’s a game of leapfrog. They get better at one thing. We get more innovative to try and head them off,” Squires said.

So, could a cyber attack on our country have the kind of effect the 9/11 attacks did?

“To do that with a cyber attack you’d have to hit a lot of different targets simultaneously. I think it’s a little less likely to be that catastrophic,” Squires explained.

But Squires says we need to address our readiness, and the only way to do that is by spending enough to come up with ways to stop these attacks.