If you are planning to have a baby, there is a company that claims they have a way for you to pick and choose the kind of baby you’ll have. But experts believe there are ethical questions about this.

The company is called 23andMe, and they say they have the technology that would let you as parents choose traits you want in your kids, whether it’s blonde hair, blue eyes or even low risk of disease. Dr. Amy McGuire of Baylor College of Medicine told KTRH she has her doubts.

“Often times the information they use is extremely predictive and not at all certain. So, the actual ability to do this is questionable,” McGuire said.

But the company has a patent for the technology. But McGuire says there is a moral dilemma here.

“Should we be picking and choosing the types of children we have based on either traits, gender or disease risk?” McGuire asked.

Jeffrey Spikes of the UT Health Science Center at Houston says it's dangerous.

“Parents will try to have perfect children and become intolerant of imperfections,” Spike told KTRH.

Spike also thinks this might create a class conflict, so to speak.

“It will create a class society. Money doesn’t only mean you’re rich, but it also means that you’re good looking and smart. At least right now there is kind of a genetic lottery,” Spike explained.

23andme says they won't use the technology because it's controversial. KTRH reached out to the company for this story. They were unavailable for comment.