As you saw with the CPAC meeting that took place this past weekend it’s never too early to look at the race for the White House in 2016. And we could very well see a race featuring two powerhouse political families

A new Rasmussen poll indicates that Hillary Clinton would easily beat Jeb Bush. In fact, her victory would be by double digits according to the Rasmussen poll. Matt Angle at the Lone Star Project says 'Bush Fatigue' could come into play.

“Both Presidents Bush had failed presidencies. People look back and make that determination through that lens,” Angle said.

Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak admits there could be some ‘Bush Fatigue’ out there.

“Going through a primary will be a challenge. There is ‘Bush Fatigue’ among very strong conservatives in the Republican electorate. Navigating that will be a challenge,” Mackowiak explained.

In fact, 50% of voters say the Bush name is a big problem for them. And Angle says Democrats aren’t the only ones that feel like that.

“He’s seen as part of an old line, old guard establishment that even in the Republican Party isn’t held in high regard right now,” Angle said.

But Matt Mackowiak says that's just unfair.

“People would be impressed if they saw how different Jeb is from George W. I think he would match up very well with Hillary,” Mackowiak stated.

If it comes down to Bush-Clinton, Republicans could go after Hillary because of her age. She’ll be 69 years old by November of 2016. However, only 16% said she'd be too old to be President.