The so-called "Fake ID" app may be letting the bad guys hijack your cell phone or tablet.  There is a fix, but updating all the billions of devices may take some time.  Internet security consultant Adam Pridgen says the security flaw makes it possible for you to download an app like “Angry Birds” without knowing it's not legitimate.  Then, you’re hacked.

Google will have to patch this software, release it to each of the different vendors,” Pridgen says.  “And, then the vendors will have to roll their own security updates, to push out each of the devices that are running the operating system.”

There are billions of devices needing the fix to be installed.  Time is short, because hackers are already working on exploiting the problem. 

Pridgen says, the question is, “Will the device makers be able to roll the security update and will the wireless providers be able to push these updates to each of these handsets before their users are exploited?”