You might not be hearing as much about the White House and Obama Administration wanting tighter gun laws as you did last year at this time, but gun shops in the Houston area continue to deal with an ammunition shortage; one that is apparently growing.

“We have .22’s and 9mm, but we are rationing it. We have been rationing it for quite a while to be fair to all of our customers. We’re in no position to sell great quantities about it otherwise we’d sell out in one day,” said Mike Clark of Collector's Firearms, who also tells KTRH the shortage is worse than you might think.


Jeremy Alcede at Tactical Firearms says the shortage is interfering with a project his shop is trying to get done.


“We’re trying to produce ammo ourselves. We’re finding that there is a shortage of gunpowder and other products all across the world,” Alcede said.


And he also tells KTRH other gun store owners he’s talked to say they don’t have enough ammunition to go around.


“Everybody is saying they aren’t taking new customers, and that they can’t fill orders for their current customers,” Alcede explained.


So who is buying all of this ammunition? Well, if reports are right, the US Postal Service is contributing to the shortage. They are apparently buying ammunition, and Clark says he thinks he knows why.


“It’s got to do with funding. If an agency doesn’t maintain their level of funding it reduces for the next year,” Clark explained.


Alcede says people he talks to tell him the same thing.


“I don’t get it. They need to do a better job of what they do and not worry about security,” Alcede stated.