It doesn't look like the flying experience in America is going to be getting any better any time soon.

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index travel report shows the airline industry still languishing in the same circle of hell as cable providers and the IRS.  For the second year in a row the airline industry scored a 69 out of 100.

Tom Parsons with says there is no real incentive for airlines to improve because more people are flying now than ever before, "They are running an 80 to 81, 82 percent load factors.  We continue to pay money, baggage fees, change fees and we keep lining up."

Flyers today are faced with numerous fees for aisle seats, meals and beverages, carry-on and checked bags, smaller seats, less leg room and yet we can't seem to stop flying.

Parsons says airlines will continue to do this to passengers because we show no signs of flying less, "It's like a bad Timex watch, it keeps on ticking.  As long as people keeping paying... and most of the airlines today are going to make some humongous profits."