The IRS says Texas has the second largest amount of taxpayers who are owed refunds from three years ago, but have yet to file.

Nearly 81,000 Texans have refunds waiting. Houston CPA Joe Mastriano says the main reason those people don't file is fear.

"This is a symptom of a sickness; basically people are scared to file."

But Mastriano says there's no good reason to avoid filing your return.

"You don't need to hide out. Once you know what the IRS has on you there's no surprise anymore."

Mastriano says not filing will lead to big trouble. Only California has more residents with unclaimed refunds. The median unclaimed refund is $571.

"Too many people avoid -- they just don't want to know about their tax situation. And I'm actually trying to change that thinking because all of this information is free and public."

Mastriano says you can simply ask the IRS for a report on your income taxes going back years and they'll happily tell you.