New research shows that one of the worst of fates to befall an office is “Debbie Downer,” that perennially negative, always pissed off, constantly complaining contrarian.  It’s worse than a gregarious gossiper, a lamentably lazy worker, or even a passive-aggressive procrastinator.

A leadership development training company called Fierce Inc. polled more than 1,000 business executive to narrow the worst office conditions: the toxic negative worker topped the list.

“Clearly negativity in the workplace is a real threat to productivity, general happiness and connection with people,” Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Specialist Julie Nise told KTRH News.

When faced with negative co-workers 60% of people say they take matters in their own hands and say something to the person.  But 78% also say they believe their boss needs to be more pro-active in managing the situation.

“Most of the time when you’re talking about somebody who is chronically negative, we’re talking about somebody who has a maturity level that is astoundingly low.  Maturity in my definition is simply the ability to manage frustration or not getting your way alone and without acting out.  Essentially, acting out is just having a giant pity-party, and wanting everyone to join it,” Nise explains.

The study by Fierce Inc. concluded that attitudinal issues should be dealt with as soon as they erupt.