If you have ever been stuck in the traffic on 290 you know how bad it can be. But this morning, it gets easier. For a price that is.

The carpool lanes will be opening to non-carpool drivers today. Metro Interim CEO Tom Lambert says it's about giving you more options.

“We think people can get a travel time benefit and that it encourages more people to ride together,” Lambert told KTRH.

But, there is a fee.

“It rangers from $1 to $5 and the greater the traffic demand in the corridor the higher the cost,” Lambert said.

This is the fourth such project to open in the area. Lambert says it has a track record of success.

“We’ve seen about a 20% increase in utilization. We expect to see the same thing on the 290 corridor as well,” Lambert stated.

Lambert says drivers will be able to see when the lanes are open to them and the toll on electronic signs or on Metro's website. However, opponents like Terri Hall of Texas TURF aren't happy.

“It’s a double tax. Those lanes have been paid for by taxpayers already. You get to ride the lane based on status. Now they’ve expanded that status to if you can afford that toll you can use that lane, too,” Hall explained.

Hall calls it a money grab.

“It throws the goals of the HOV lanes under the bus. It’s not getting more cars off the road. It’s really all about money now,” Hall said.

There will be another carpool lane opening to solo drivers on Route 59 later this year.