Our world of technology was pretty lackluster in 2013, with no new devices, innovations, or breakthroughs.

The stakes for the technology race are high but we can't help feel like the future is never as spectacular as we hoped.  Baby-boomers don't have their jet packs, no flying cars, and no hover boards for Generation X.

But, there are some things coming down the pipe that will make you all forget about not having your own personal robot.  Smart watches were hinted at this year and in 2014 they will explode, allowing us all to feel about as James Bond as it gets, without a poisonous Mont Blanc pen.

Quicker pizza delivery could be on the way after Domino's delivered a pizza by aerial drone.  We have no idea if the drone deliveries are even practical, but this is about as cool as it gets.

Then there is the much less-flashy 3D-printers.  Earlier in 2013, engineering enthusiasts created plastic guns, cut on 3D-printers.  In 2014, 3D-printers could reach the masses and provide people the ability to make just about anything, right in their home.  The research firm Gartner expects companies to spend upwards of $600 million on 3D-printed related materials and products.

So, while most of the new products of 2013 were just updated versions of old devices, 2014 looks to provide plenty of "Ah-ha!" moments.