Aggies fans rejoice!  The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles next month will auction off a vanity license plate which reads: "12THMAN."

“Until a couple of years ago, only six letters were available on a Texas license plate,” says Kim Drummond at  “So when seven opened up, we understood immediately the importance of having '12THMAN' in seven characters on a license plate and the marketing potential.”

Drummond calls it a once in a lifetime opportunity for die-hard Aggies.

“This may be the only time this plate is available,” she tells KTRH News.  “The winner of this auction gets the first rights of renewal, that means each time this plate comes up for renewal they can just keep renewing it and keep it forever or pass it to their children.  They could even sell if they choose to.”

The highest bidder will receive the plate during A&M's football game against Alabama in September.  Proceeds from the winning bid will be split between Texas A&M University and the State's general revenue.

In January, a local car dealer spent a record $25,000 on a vanity plate which read: “HOUSTON.”