Your Health with Dr. Joe Galati

Your Health with Dr. Joe Galati

Dr. Joseph S. Galati, hosts the weekly "Your Health First" broadcast on KTRH-AM.Full Bio

Staying in Tip Top Shape Over the Holidays

The Liver Meetings & Lauren w/ Her E Book

Dr. Galati starts by wanting you to think about getting somebody a blood pressure cuff for the upcoming holidays and explains why. He also talks about the liver meetings he attended in Washington D.C and explains what liver health is. Dr. Galati has his Registered Dietician Lauren join the show to talk about her E Book on how to have a helpful thanksgiving dinner with different recipes.

Brest Cancer w/ Jackie DeAngelis

Tonight, with one more day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Dr. Galati focuses on that topic. We have Jackie DeAngelis with Fox Business Network discussing her breast cancer journey as she walks through New York City. Dr. Galati also talks about election season and how we all need to think about who we are voting for and who we are putting in office.

Marijuana, Pot, & The Fentanyl Crisis w/ Dr. James Flowers

Today on the show we will talk about marijuana, pot, and the fentanyl crisis. October is health literacy month and Dr. Galati explains what that is all about. He also talks about how his patients are on too many medications. Dr. James Flowers joins the show to talk about substance abuse and the aforementioned marijuana, pot, the fentanyl crisis.

Hiking & the Outdoors w/ Chuck Garcia

Dr. Galati starts the show with a quick chat about chronic disease and his upcoming webinar this Wednesday. He then talks about his hiking trip with his wife and how it’s a great metaphor of life. Chuck Garcia joins the show to share some thoughts on this and the mutual love of the outdoors with Dr. Galati.

Heart Disease w/ Dr. Mike Wilson

Dr. Galati starts by talking about 9/11, being a New Yorker, and to never forget what happened. We continue the theme of how to prevent disease. Cardiologist Dr. James (Mike) Wilson joins to talk about heart disease and how to avoid it. He also explains how ageing is the cause of all these illness and disease.

Dementia & Psychiatric Medication

Dr. Galati starts by telling us what disturbs him the most with his patients and his upcoming webinar. It’s all about shopping and preparing low-cost healthy foods. He talks about dementia and an article he read about the over prescription of psychiatric medication in our youth. Dr. Galati also goes back to an interview he had with exercise expert Wayne Westcott.

Houston Hospice & Kid Health

Dr. Galati starts the show by talking about his dads passing back in January and the Houston Hospice. He also speaks to kids being back in school and healthier breakfast options there are for them. Dr. Galati goes in in explaining Sunday being the time to plan for the week ahead, and how a five-minute walk after a meal is good for your blood glucose.

Cancer Talk w/ Dr. Susan Escudier

Dr. Galati is back in studio tonight. The topic of the hour is cancer, but we also talk modifying risk factors of a certain condition or disease. Dr. Galati also talks about Hepatitis B and obesity. Dr. Susan Escudier joins the shower to talk about cancer, and how hard it is breaking the news to the family of somebody who has cancer, and a lot more.

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